USPS Window clerk USPS sales and service associate (SSA) test q

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USPS Window clerk

USPS sales and service associate (SSA) test question and answer practice


1,Perception is



2,What are our goals?

Grow revenue, increase market share, develop lifetime customers.


3,What are some non-verbal communication cues?

Body movement, facial expressions, personal space.


4,The SSA shows communication is occurring when they ask the hazmat question?


5,Communication skills require you to practice actively attending. What does S.O.L.E.R. represent?

Squarely face the person. Open your posture. Lean towards the sender. Eye contact. Relax.


6,What is a value proposition?

The value to the customer of the product features and the customer feels the product meets their needs.


7,What is "need satisfaction selling"?

The understanding of a customer's needs through the use of probing questions and careful listening.


8,What are some examples of the use of the "language of needs"?

I need, I want, I'm looking for, It's important, etc.


9,When you sell maximum value you are meeting the customer's __________.



10,What is a need?

A desire to improve or accomplish something.


11,An informed mutual decision with the customer on service/products is ___________.

A successful sales transaction.

12,What does G.I.S.T. stand for in the processing of engaging customers?

Greet, Inquire, Suggest, Thank.


13,A common myth in communication is that listeners receive the same ______ all the time.



14,If you ask a customer if they would like to send a package Priority Mail Express, which is guaranteed to arrive tomorrow, with $100 insurance and tracking included.....what park of G.I.S.T. would this be?



15,Once you determine how a customer wants to mail a package and have offered additional insurance, what additional products may you suggest?

Stamps, PO Boxes, money orders, packaging supplies, greeting cards, passports.


16,What is the maximum weight for any package?

70 lbx.


17,How do you determine the dimensions of a mailpiece?

Combine the length plus girth.


18,What are the 5 processing categories?

Letters, flats (large envelopes), machinable parcels (SPRS), irregular parcels and outside parcels (both non-machinable).


19,What is our "Retail Motto"?

Clean, stocked and Friendly...Everyday!.


20,What is the maximum length and girth (combined) for a parcel?

130" for standard post only. Oversize charges will apply for packages exceeding 108".


21,When are balloon charges applied?

Packages weighing less than 20 lbs that measure over 84" but not more than 108" (length + girth combined) that are shipped Priority mail zones 104 or Standard to all zones.


22, If an article meets the size qualifications for a large envelope (flat) but is rigid...what price category is it charged?

Parcel rate.


23,If a letter size envelope is thicker than 1/4" but is even in thickness....what price category is it charged?

Flat (large envelope).


24,What is a customer charged when a balloon surcharge applies?

20 lb rate.


25,When is DIM (dimensional) weight applied?

Only for Priority packages which exceed 1 cubic foot and are mailed zones 5-8.


26,Dimensional weight pricing is determined by length, width and thickness (height) and __________.



27,What is the only article that can possibly have a non-machinable surcharge?



28, If an article is too heavy, too large or too small it is ______________.



29,How does knowing the products you sell benefit customers and the post office?

Strengthens communication skills, boosts enthusiasm, and assists in overcoming concerns.


30, Name some benefits of Priority Mail Express.

Fastest shipping, guaranteed delivery, delivery 365 days per year (even Sundays and Holidays), no residential surcharges, no fuel charges, free tracking, $100 free insurance, signature available, delivery to PO Boxes, flat rate boxes and envelopes, free shipping supplies.

30-2 Name some benefits of Priority Mail.

Normally 2-3 day delivery, free shipping supplies, fast and affordable, flat rate boxes and envelopes that "if it fits, it ships", delivery to every address - even PO Boxes, Saturday delivery at no extra cost, extra services available.


31,What is the maximum amount of insurance you can purchase?



32,What is the maximum amount of insurance that can be purchased with Registered Mail?



33,What are the 3 ways to add insurance to a package?

Online, post office, Kiosk.


34,Can additional insurance be purchased at the window if it has already been purchased online or at the Kiosk?



35,What is the maximum weight and size for Priority packages?

70 lbs, 108" length + girth combined.


36,What is EDDM?

Every Door Direct Mail.


37,Why is product knowledge important?

It provides satisfaction in helping a customer, increases customer knowledge, increases revenue, increases interaction between the SSA and customer, empowers the SSA to be the expert and ensures loyal, satisfied, returning customers.


38,Name some of the benefits of renting a PO Box?

Convenient, early delivery, secure, extended hours, affordable, permanent, good business, private.


39,How can you renew a PO Box?

Online with a credit/debit card, through an automatic renewal process, self service Kiosk, mail in a check or money order, pay at the post office in person.


40, When does Dimensional Weight (DIM) pricing apply?

Priority mail being shipped to zones 5-8 which are larger than 1 cubic foot.


41, What qualifies an article to be classified as 1st class mail?

Less than 13 oz, handwritten or typewritten personal correspondence, postcards, and Business Reply Mail.


42,When are balloon surcharges applied?

Less than 20 lbs and the dimensions are greater than 84" length + girth combined. Standard Post to all zones and Priority mail only to zones 1-4 [Remember Priority zones 5-8 will be Dimensional charges for that size package]


43,What are our Package Services?

Standard Post, Bound Printed Matter, Media Mail and Library Mail. These are NOT sealed against Postal inspection.


44, What is an Oversized Package?

Standard Post packages that measure more than 108" but less than 130" length + girth combined.


45,What is Media Mail's content limited to?

Books, sound recordings, recorded video tapes, printed music, recorded computer-readable media (DVD's and CD's).


46, What are some extra services we offer on packages?

Registered Mail, Return Receipt, Return Receipt for Merchandise, Restricted Delivery, USPS Tracking (delivery confirmation), Signature Confirmation, Collect on Delivery, Certified Mail and Certificate of Mailing.


47, What are the four categories of International Mail?

1st class mail international, Priority mail international, Priority Express international and Global Express Guaranteed.


48, What is written or typed at the bottom of an international article?

The country name in all capital letters.


49, What is the maximum value for dutiable (international) merchandise?


50, What are the maximum weights for Priority Mail International Flat rate products?

Flat rate envelopes and small flat rate boxes have a 4 lb limit. Medium and Large flat rate boxes have a 20 lb limit.


51, What are some features and benefits of Priority Mail Express International?

Fast; $100 insurance (updated to $200); maximum weight 70 lbs; money back guarantee to certain destinations; tracking service available; free packaging; online postage incentives; can purchase additional insurance up to $5,000; return receipt services.


52, What are some features and benefits of Global Express Guaranteed?

Delivery in 1-3 business days; money-back guarantee to certain destinations; includes delivery status information; weight limits from 22-70 lbs depending on the country; $100 liability insurance; can purchase up to $2499 additional insurance.


53, Shipping Services are those products in which the Postal Service is competitive with other delivery companies. What services does this include?

Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, Parcel Select, Parcel Return Service.


54,What are the extra services that can be applied to Priority Mail Express?

Return receipt, additional insurance, collect on delivery.


55,What are some features/benefits of Priority Mail?

2-3 day delivery; free packaging and supplies; affordable.


56, What day of the month do you place Notice 32, Box Rent Service Fee Dues, in the PO Box?


57,How many different sizes of PO Boxes are offered?



58,If a PO Box is rented on July 17th, when would the 6 month renewal due date be?

Jan 31st.

59, If a PO Box is rented on May 13th, when would the 6 month renewal due date be?

Oct 31st.


60,What two forms of ID are required for a customer to open a PO Box?

Photo ID and an additional non-photo ID such as a corporate ID, passport, proof of vehicle insurance or vehicle registration, current deed or lease, state or government issued ID, military ID, university ID, alien registration card, certificate of naturalization, or home insurance policy.


61, How many keys are assigned to the customer when renting a PO Box?



62, When opening a PO Box, if the information on the form does not match that on the ID, further verification procedures must be conducted to substantiate that the applicant resides or conducts business at the address shown. How many days are you allowed to complete the verification?

3 business days.


63,What is the form used to open a PO Box?

Form PS 1093.


64,What procedures does the Post Office follow is a PO Box is not paid by the 10th day after the due date?

On the 11th day the box must be closed and all mail is returned to the sender. The lock will be changed after 48 days. If the customer reopens the box after the 10th day, a late fee applies.


65,What is a caller service?

A premium service when the customer needs more pick up times than a Firm Holdout and/or have more mail than the biggest box will hold daily.


66,What is General Delivery designed for?

Transients, people waiting to get PO boxes, temporary events. 30 days maximum period unless approved by the postmaster.


67,How does package intercept work?

It allows customers to request to have an item they sent through USPS to be intercepted prior to delivery for a fee.


68,How long may a customer have Temporary Forwarding?

6 months and they may renew for an additional 6 months for a total of one year.


69,How long is PFS (Premium Forwarding Service)? How does it work?

Not less than 2 weeks or longer than 1 year. For a fee we will reship and reroute ALL mail addressed to their primary address by means of weekly Priority Mail shipment.


70,What are the minimum and maximum days to "hold" mail?

3 days min/30 days max.


71, What are some of the public service/government agency programs that we participate in?

Selling Migratory bird stamps, supplying Selective Service forms, passport applications.


72,What are the 4 components of "customer experience essentials"?

Telephone courtesy, It begins with a smile, Delivery done right and We value your business.


73,The essence of our brand comes down to what four words?

Relentless, simple, secure and personal.


74,What are the 3 "P's" that influence customer's perception?

Personal (your appearance and demeanor). Professional (your post office) and Postal (products and services).


75,What is the purpose of the Hazmat question?

Promote safety of the public to prevent disasters.


76,What is the Hazmat question that you are REQUIRED to ask when mailing any package?

Does this package contain anything fragile, liquid, perishable or potentially hazardous such as lithium batteries or perfume?


77, What 4 steps can be helpful when handling customer complaints and even the occasional difficult customer?

Remain calm, show respect, show empathy, listen between the lines.


78,When a SSA paraphrases a customer's request it is showing ____________.



79,Words and phrases that are upsetting or elicit a response when we hear them are called ____________ words.



80,______________ words may be soothing and tend to invoke a more

positive reaction. Examples are: "Here's what we can do..", "Thank you", "I'm sorry that happened to you", "I understand why", etc.



81,What is the Postal Bulletin?

A bi-weekly publication that provides updates to policies, procedures, forms and operational information about the Postal Service. This includes important information about lost or stolen money orders and fraud Priority Mail Express Corporate Accounts.

Name some Retail Communication Channels.

Self-service Kiosk; approved shippers that do not receive compensation from the USPS; automated teller machines; stamps by mail; stamps to go (stamps on consignment); stamps by fax; contract postal units; mobile retail units;; village post offices.


82,Simple transactions can be moved away from the window by using _____________.

Self-service Kiosk.


82, When operating Postal Retail equipment you must understand and observe the safety standards and procedures established by the USPS. What are they and why are they important?

Always turn off power when doing any component replacement, do not engage in horseplay, avoid toxic solvents, report hazardous conditions, do not operate unsafe equipment. The procedures can save you from injury and will prevent lost time for you and the Postal Service.

83, Name some benefits of Retail Equipment.

Performs multiple customer transactions; reduces mathematical errors; calculates change; performs standardized transactions; records complete day's business; produces PS 1412; prints receipts; customer monitor; faster; more accurate; efficient.


84, Name two type of unit accountabilities for stamp stock.

Individual and Segmented. SSA's work from a shared retail floor stock with segmented.


85,What are some accountable paper credits that can be assigned to a SSA?

Cash, paper stock (postage stock, stamped envelopes, stamped cards and IRC's [International Reply Coupons]), money orders and non-postal stamps (migratory bird), semi-postal stamps, Philatelic products.


86,Clerks are assigned stamp credit which consists of stamp stock and ______________.



87,What is an International Reply Coupon (IRC)?

The sender of a letter can prepay for a reply with these. When you receive an IRC from another country it is exchanged for the equivalent of a current 1 oz stamp regardless of the country where purchased. Discontinued in 2013.


89,Individual Accountability counts must be performed at least every ___________.

4 months.


90,In Segmented Inventory offices, what is the cash tolerance and how often is the count performed?

$10, once every 3 months.


91,If you cannot be present when they count your stamp stock/cash, who can replace you?

An employee of YOUR choice.


92,A PS form 1412, Daily Financial Report, is divided into what 5 sections?

Stamp Accountability, Receipts, Disbursements, Unit ID and Initial Section.


93,If a customer hands you a credit card for payment and it has not been signed... you must _______________.

Not accept the card until signed.


94,What cannot be purchased with a credit card?

Money orders, trust fund deposits, pre-cancelled stamps, COD funds, employee debts, Every Door Direct Mail, permit imprint deposits, money-by-wire, postage meter setting, periodicals postage and passport fees remitted to the Department of State.


95,All postal products and services can be purchased with a debit card except ____________.

Passport fees to the Department of State. But, a debit card may be used to purchase a money order to send to them.


96,What the the 3 types of money orders?

Domestic, International and Bait.


97,What form is used to inquire about a lost or stolen money order?

PS Form 6401.


98,What is the maximum amount for a single domestic money order?



99,What is the maximum amount for a single international money order?



100,What percent of a travelers check must be spent when using it for a purchase?



101,What form is used when a customer request a replacement money order?

PS Form 6401.


102,You will be assigned 3 bait money orders. Where are these to be stored?

Under the largest currency denomination compartment in your cash drawer.


103,What publication includes the lists of Lost, Stolen, or Missing Money Orders?

Postal Bulletin or


104, What are the steps for cashing a money order?

Look for the security features: Ben Franklin watermark, security thread with "USPS" repeated from top to bottom, no discoloration around the dollar amounts and warning instructions on the reverse side of the money order. Check that the dollar amount doesn't exceed the maximum amount allowed. Check the Missing, Lost or Stolen List. Get a current government or state-issued picture ID. Endorse the money order.


105,How can you pay for a money order?

Cash, debit card, travelers check.


106,What is the slang term for money launderers?



107,What is the expiration time on money orders?

They never expire.


108, What is the BSA (Bank Secrecy Act)?

A law requiring us to report transactions that seem suspicious and to obtain identifying information from customers who purchase financial products/services over certain dollar thresholds.


109,On a PS Form 8105-A (Funds Transaction Report) for individuals who purchase money orders over $3000 per day or cash money order over $10,000 per day, what must they provide to the SSA?

Name, address, social security number (alien registration and passport numbers can be substituted), date of birth and government or state issued photo ID.


110,What are acceptable forms of ID to cash a postal money order?

Current government or state issued picture ID.

111, What are some examples of valid photo ID's when completing the PS Form 8105-A?

Drivers license, passport, military ID, state issued ID.


112,How often should you mail in the PS Form 8105-A?

Daily. Remember the SSA is required to sign the form.


113,The Custom's Declaration and Dispatch Note (PS Form 2976 & PS Form 2976A) are retained for _________ days.



114, It is every employee's responsibility to protect the security and sanctity of the mail. What are some unacceptable examples practices?

Theft, delay of the mail, opening the mail, and destruction or damage of the mail.


115, What agency investigates Postal related offenses?

US Postal Inspection Service.


116,What is the Customs Border Protection Manifest (CBPM)?

A method to electronically capture and save the Customs Declaration Information that is required for all mailpieces traveling OUT of our country - exceptions are for letters and photos.


117, The manual that sets forth the personnel policies and regulations governing employment within the Postal Service is the __________.

ELM - Employee Labor Relations Manual.


118,__________ Hazmat is mail that is properly packaged, marked and declared by the mailer.



119,___________ Hazmat is any parcel suspected of containing acceptable or prohibited hazmat which is not properly packaged, labeled or identified.



120,When mailing cigarettes to "certain individuals" what are the restrictions?

10 oz or less, sent Priority Mail Express. No more than 10 shipments sent in any 30 day period. No special weight limits apply to shipments sent entirely within Alaska or Hawaii.


121,Under the PACT "Prevent All Cigarettes Trafficking" Act of 2009, are cigars included in this ruling?



122,Name the two features of anonymous mail.

Weighing over 13 oz and bearing only stamps.


123,What must the SSA do when a customer present an article to them that is considered anonymous mail?

Ask the hazmat question, weigh the article and determine if the weight exceed 13 oz. If so, apply a $ 0.00 PVI or meter strip and cancel the stamps. If the retail unit does not have PVI's or meter strips, apply an AVSEC Clearance Stamp.


124,What are the three ways to initiate a domestic insurance claim?

Online at, by mail or at a postal retail unit.


125,How does a customer initiate an International Insurance Claim?

Call the Postal Service International Inquiry Center at 1-800-222-1811.


126, When a customer is denied on an insurance claim, how long do they have to appeal the decision?

60 days.


127, What handbook is your source of information on reatail counter procedures?

F 101 - Field Accounting Procedures. "F" is for Financial.


128,The two leading causes of clerk shortages are the selling of __________ and the failure to count money during a window transaction.

Money orders.


129,If your cash drawer is out of tolerance you may request a re-count. Once you sign the count sheet, the count is over. True/False?



130,Who conducts counts on your cash drawer?

Both you and your supervisor/postmaster.


131,What is the minimum size for any mailpiece?

3 1/2 " height, 5" length, .007" thickness.


132,If a letter is polywrapped, polybagged, enclosed in any plastic material or has an exterior surface made of a material that is not paper, what surcharge is applied?



133, What is form PS 3533 used for?

To issue Postal Refunds.


134,What are the restrictions/uses of Every Door Direct Mail?

5,000 pieces or less flat-sized mailpieces within an area serviced by a single post office. Maximum weight is 3.3 oz. No permit is required, only registration.


135,What is PS Form 6401?

Money Order Inquiry Form.


136,What is the purpose of bait money orders?

To aid the Postal Inspection Service in Postal burglary and robbery investigations.


137,In the priority of protection, what item is considered the most important?

Postal funds.


138,What is the publication from HQ USPS Retail?

Retail Digest.


139,Mailing Services are those products in which the Postal Service has no competition from other delivery companies. This includes?

First-class mail, Periodicals, Standard, Bound Printed Matter, Library Mail, Media mail.


140,Shipping Services are those products in which the Postal Service is competitive with other delivery companies. This includes?

Express mail, Priority Mail, Parcel Select, Parcel Return Service.


141,Where are passport applications accepted?

At designated post offices.


142,What are the fines for non-compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act?



143, How many times per day can you use a debit card for cash back? What's the maximum cash back you can get?

There is no minimum purchase amount and no limit to the number of times in a 24-hour period. Each request must be limited by a separate purchase and paid for with an online debit card. Cash back is given in $10 increments with a max of $50 per transaction.


144, What is a Firm Holdout? What are the fees and restrictions?

Allows a customer to obtain street addressed mail from the post office when the customer normally received 50 letters or more per day. There is no fee for this service. They may pick up only one time per day. The service may be cancelled if the mail is not picked up for 10 consecutive days or if the mail volume falls below the 50 letter threshold on each delivery day for a 30 day period.


145, What is a stamp stock credit?

Consists of accountable paper stock, cash and money orders to be sold to customers.


146, What is an outside parcel? Examples?

Parcels that because of their size, shape, density, container type or the nature of their contents cannot be processed in postal sacks. Ex: metal-strapped boxes, tubes longer than 26", wooden boxes, tires, trees, mailable hazmat.


147, What is an oversized parcel?

Parcel Post, over 108" but less than 130" length + girth. Charged regardless of weight.

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